Revtap is the world’s first platform that gives investors the opportunity to invest directly in high-growth, revenue-generating tech companies through revenue sharing.
Its simple.  We’ve vetted companies based on a strict underwriting process to bring you the best investments.  Those companies issue shares in their revenues to savvy investors.  Each share pays out a dividend each month.  As the company revenues grow, do does the dividend. But the underlying share also has the potential to increase in value as the company revenues grow; giving investors the chance to share in the growth of early-stage tech firms.
Yes, they can!  We’re democratizing investing for everyone.  No longer is investing in startups restricted to wealthy investors or venture capital firms.  Our platform
Each revenue share represents a portion of the company’s ongoing revenues. Regardless of profit, investors receive a percentage of the company’s income each month.  These shares are “tokenized” – each share being represented by a token on the blockchain that privately encrypts company revenue data and other information.  The value of the shares is tied directly to the revenues of the underlying companies.
Yes, after a lockup period of 1 year, shares are fully transferable and trading will commence on the Revtap marketplace.  If you wish to sell your shares before the one year lockup period ends, you can offer to sell the shares back to Revtap or the Company, but there is no guarantee of repurchase.
Revtap is an SEC registered funding portal, regulated by FINRA and governed by the laws of the United States.

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