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The Underwriting Process

Revtap has an important responsibility to protect our users and the businesses we serve. To do this, we must have a thorough understanding of each business we finance, their financial situation, and the potential credit risk of the business. We do this through a process called credit underwriting.

How is this process carried out?

To perform this analysis, we gather insights from three key data sources; Banking, Accounting, and Billing accounts, which you can connect to directly through our secure connection portal.

What can you expect during this process?

During the underwriting process, you can expect a review of your business model, billing practices, product usage, financial history and stability, among other things. We’ll request for your updated financial information, customer agreements, as well have questions about your recent history with other lenders, if applicable.

How is risk assessed?

Generally, we partner with businesses that have growing, predictable revenues.  Companies whose revenues are less predictable pose a higher credit risk for lenders like Revtap.  Given elevated levels of risk, users must demonstrate operational and financial strength to continue fulfilling their obligations.

What happens if the information requested is not available?

If you are unable to provide the requested documentation or information, let us know as soon as possible. We would be happy to discuss with you what, if any, alternative information could be provided.

Data Privacy and Security

Data security and confidentiality are incredibly important to us. We use third party, bank-level, end-to-end encryption products to upload, store, and mange your company’s information.  This means your information is protected during transit and storage. The information you share is intended solely for the purpose of underwriting and will be shared only on a need-to-know basis within the Revtap risk team.  For more information, consult our Privacy Policy.

Periodic reviews

Revtap also performs periodic reviews of your company to ensure that it is in good financial health as it grows over time. The information collected during this process is used to confirm that revtap has an accurate, up-to-date assessment of your business.

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