[Keep Control Over Your Business. Non-Dilutive Capital for


Raise up to 25% of ARR without losing a single share of equity.

Cash Flow Friendly.

Rather than interest on the loan, we take a 1-2% share of revenues, reducing financial strain by aligning cost with actual revenue, rather than fixed rates.

No Fixed Term.

Revtap offers flexibility to repay the loan at optimal times (ie. during funding rounds), without the pressure of a fixed repayment term like convertible debt.

Introducing The SAND

A Simple Agreement for Non-Dilutive Capital

Revtap has simplified the Capital Raise Process for Post-Revenue Software Businesses


Secure the capital you need without giving up equity. Maintain full ownership and control over your destiny.

Cash Flow Friendly

Revenue sharing is not like interest - it replaces it. Adapting to your cash flow, it reduces financial stress during slower growth periods aligning payments with actual revenues.

Flexible Term

With no fixed maturity date, simply repay the growth adjusted principal at your next funding round, giving you freedom to focus on growth without immediate repayment concerns.

Simplified Process

Avoid complex early-stage valuations. The SAND agreement eliminates the need for determining company value at funding, simplifying your capital-raising efforts and letting you concentrate on growth.

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The SAND allows companies to raise capital without losing equity with 2 unique mechanisms; revenue sharing and a growth adjusted repayment.

Leverage Your Revenues.

Revenue sharing, typically 1-2%, replaces interest and gives investors a growth dividend over the period of the loan

Equity Free.

The growth-adjusted repayment is tied to your revenue growth, allowing investors to participate in your success at the next liquidity event.


As innovative as the companies we fund. The SAND allows companies to raise capital without having to give away valuable equity, and keep control.

Why Give Up Equity Now?

The calculator below shows you just how valuable your equity is.

The example below shows the value of retained equity after just 2 years of growth. You can add your ARR and estimated revenue growth to see the impact revenue sharing from Revtap compared to equity.  

Raise Non-Dilutive Capital


RAISE $1,250,000

With a 2% Revenue Share Over the Term of the Loan


Growth Adjusted Repayment At The Next Funding Round



Revtap vs Equity

Net Savings

Over Equity


% More Cost Effective

Then Equity


Read the full case study here

A simple way of looking at your retained value using non-dilutive capital from Revtap. Assumes a 2 year term and a future equity valuation based on revenue growth. 


Have Questions? We Have Answers.

  • Integrated software companies with >$2m in annual revenues
  • At least 70% of those revenues recurring
  • We look for stickiness and moat with >88% Customer Retention
  • Companies seeking $250k to $1m in growth capital
  • Headquartered in the US, Canada, or UK

If your company checks off those boxes, let’s talk!

Companies with strong management teams in operation for more than 3 years, with a minimum Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) of $2m. Refer to our FAQs for complete criteria.

Qualified companies can raise up to $1m in growth capital leveraging a small share of their revenues, typically 1-3%.

The capital you raise with Revtap can be used for almost any aspect of your business. Prior to engaging you will provide a description of what the funds will be used for, and how the capital will help you grow.

Yes, anytime you choose, but typically at your next funding round like a convertible instrument. To end revenue sharing, companies repay the loan with a growth adjusted principal repayment

The growth-adjusted repayment mechanism allows Revtap to share in a company’s growth without taking equity. Debt repayment is calculated based on the percentage increase in the company’s revenues over the period of the loan – as the company’s revenues grow, the debt obligation is adjusted proportionally to match the revenue increase.

The entire process can be expected to take three to four weeks. During this time, due diligence is undergone, followed by a term sheet. From there the legal process and loan signing is concluded, and you’re on your way to growth.

Let's put your revenues to work!


Raise Non-Dilutive Capital

Raise up to 25% of ARR without
losing a single share of equity


Cash Flow Friendly

With Revenue Sharing of 1-2%


Your Long Term Partner

Repay the Capital at Your Next Round

Let's put your revenues to work!

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