[Keep Control Over Your Business. Non-Dilutive Capital for

Our Vision

On average, founders lose up to 80% of their company through Venture Capital. Revtap gives them a choice. Raise growth capital sharing a small percentage of your revenues - without losing control.

Revenue Sharing Made Simple.

Like a Line of Credit with Revenue Sharing Replacing Interest.

Leverage Your

Raise up to $75M. Like Venture Debt, but with
flexible payments through revenue sharing.

Cash Flow

sell as Little as 1% of your Cash Flow. Revenue Sharing is deducted automatically.
the revenue share dividend.

We Share In Your Success

We're Betting your company will grow. The more you grow, the better our return.
the Friendly Partner.


Continue revenue sharing, or Buy back the shares to end revenue sharing anytime.
The revenue share buy back.

Venture Capital Is FOREVER

With Revtap, End Revenue Sharing ANYTIME.

Who Can Qualify

Growing Businesses

Businesses Showing Sales Growth, with Sales of $500k Per Year Minimum

Repeatable Revenues

Companies in business for 2+ years, with proven, stable revenue models

Solid Management

Management teams with vision, drive and the know-how to get to the next level

A Private Equities Market, Without the Equity.

Sell Shares in your Revenues
and Raise Growth Capital.

No Equity Dilution. No Personal Guarantees.
No Loss of Control.

The Revolution in Venture Capital is Here.

Never sell equity again. Raise non-dilutive growth capital selling a small share of your future revenues.

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Accepting Select Companies Now.

See how flexible revenue sharing really is


    Next-generation tech industries, with contract, service based or recurring revenues. If your company is in one of these groups and is generating revenues, let’s talk.

    We currently only accept companies in the US or Canada.

    Companies with strong management teams in operation for more than 2 years, with a minimum Annual Revenues of $500,000. Refer to our help page on Financing Requirements for complete eligibility requirements.

    Qualified companies can raise up to $75m in growth capital by selling a small share of their revenues, typically 1-3%.

    The capital you raise on the revtap marketplace can be used for almost any aspect of your business. Prior to engaging you will provide a description of what the funds will be used for, and how the capital will help you grow.

    Yes, anytime you choose! Unlike traditional venture capital where loss of equity is forever, with revtap companies can end revenue sharing by repaying all, or part of the original financing, plus a growth premium equal to your revenue growth, at anytime. 

    Think of Revtap as your non-equity partner. We share in your growth – the financing we provide is paid back with a growth premium.  For example, if you raise $1m, and grow your revenues by 25%, you’d end revenue sharing by repaying a total of $1.25m. 

    The onboarding process (application, listing approval, and launch) can be completed in as little as 48 hours.  Like venture capital, the amount of time it takes to raise your desired amount depends on a number of factors, most important of which is the future growth potential of your company.  

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    It simple.

    Raise growth capital in exchange for a share of as little as 1% of your company’s revenues.

    No equity. No Personal Guarantees.

    Join our waitlist, tap into your revenues and raise growth capital on your terms.