Content Creators! Now You Can Monetize With Revenue Sharing

The creator economy is booming.  And with good reason; content creators, influencers, and artists are solo-preneurs; highly skilled in their craft, sharing with the world what they were born to do – create.

Today, monetization schemes targeting creators are generally operated within the “content network”.  Typically, creators aren’t paid for a license or their content as a whole. Rather, they are paid a portion of a sites revenue.  Essentially they’re paid a commission, for their own work.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

There are different categories of these schemes. For example, a company might pay:

  • a percentage of ad revenue earned on a creator’s articles, often based on traffic or views of a writer’s content;
  • a percentage of subscriber-based income
  • a percentage of music revenues from record or streaming sales
  • a percentage of film revenues

In other words, content creators make money only when the larger companies benefit. That model may have made sense when marketing was out of reach for the average creator (think record sales, movie ads, etc.).  But today, most content creators are IN CONTROL.  They have massive audiences through social media, brand recognition, and hold the keys to their success.

Revtap treats these content creators like any other business owner – and in fact most content creators today are in fact incorporated businesses (think Ye, or Mr. Beast!). We allow content creators, musicians, film producers, writers, and influencers to sell shares in their future revenues to raise capital.  Imagine buying the rights to the revenues from a famous YouTube star’s channel (not naming any names…yet!), or shares in the next installment of a famous film trilogy.

Revtap allows content creators to raise capital without losing control. Empowering the creativity by allowing these minds to monetize their efforts with a revenue sharing “IPO”.

We’ll be announcing some amazing partnerships in the future.  Until then, keep watching for updates.

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